We live in very interesting world today with so much information and technology and yet our behaviors puts us at risk for various medical conditions and issues. There is no wrong or right answers re: IIN - if it is a scam or first step into wellness/nutrition wolrd - but to make a point of comparison - social work - 2 years of full time study - myriad of therapies to learn and receiving field work at the same time - after you complete studies - you can work as therapist at mental health clinic with very limited knowledge at first and overtime with additional training or going to training institute for indepth learning of particular theory for another 3 years to become a better and knowledgeable practitioner.

There is always a silver lining and at first when social work entered mental health field there was big opposition from psychiatrists and psychologists since they had to complete 5 to 7 years post BA to practice clinical work and through time social workers are the ones who are doing therapy with clients. There is newer degree came out such as licensed mental health practitioner that entering the realm of where social workers make bread and butter. So IIN is basically a first step and with time and more learning, you will become nutrition specialist. So my point is that wellness is new frontier since govt had failed to protect us and now there is movement back to organic and natural way of eating - and IIN is filling the gap and since there is thirst for knowledge - IIN will thrive - what they give is framework of thinking about your body, the way you eat and what you are eating - switching from sleep walking to paying attention to foods that we each consume and to make informed decisions.

At the end, our life is a journey into our behaviors and shifts of these behaviors will lead us either to more active healthier life or to more chronic conditions and medications. Like in social work, health coach is a mere guide to take a look into your behavior and be there to support you once you decide to make a change with the way you eat, shop or cook as social worker supports a client when client looks at their thought patterns to gain better understanding of behavior and effects of that behavior on others.

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