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I thought I'd be a health coach, but then we're told at the end that we're not qualified to give nutrition advice, just hold hands and tell people to drink water. $6007 to tell people to drink more water. I think the students should band together and file a class action lawsuit and demand a refund. Also, I was shocked and disturbed to find out that the ghoulish CEO has fired at least 3 women for getting pregnant. I was so excited, I wish I had... Read more

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I was recruited by a trainer at my gym who made me feel that I was specially gifted and suited to a career as a health coach. Little did I realize at the time that she was being paid $300 for every person she signed up. IIN has slick brochures and sweet sounding people who handle their phone calls but I was astonished to progressively discover that there was absolutely nothing new or of substance in their course. Basically they lined up every... Read more

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I am completing my course of study next month. I do plan on actively working as a health & wellness coach. Do I think that I'll make $125 an hour right out of the gate? Nope and maybe not ever. I'm not banking on that. Do I think that once I graduate clients will magically appear? Nope. Do I think that I learned a lot? Yep. Do I feel qualified to help people make changes in their lives that will result in better health and wellness? Yep. Do I... Read more

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Anyone can be a health coach, I studied and the tests were a joke and people graduated that didn't know anything! How can you tell people they can make money when they can't really help people.

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How long do we have to wait for a class action lawsuit? Seriously, how many people have to be taken for a very expensive ride before a class action lawsuit is initiated? You could travel to approximately 4 conferences in person and list to real industry leaders cheaper than you could listen to the recordings provided in this program. Most of the recordings, you could get the same information for free! You are no more credible than the person... Read more

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Anyone reading reviews on the page regarding IIN, especially the negative ones, should do so with a jaundiced eye. While I do think that IIN is way too expensive for what you get, and not enough useful information is given, there are people no matter how great the instruction, will want to blame others for their failures. Moreover, everything is relative. Developing into a Health Coach is a sales job. If you dont like selling, dont become one,... Read more

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We live in very interesting world today with so much information and technology and yet our behaviors puts us at risk for various medical conditions and issues. There is no wrong or right answers re: IIN - if it is a scam or first step into wellness/nutrition wolrd - but to make a point of comparison - social work - 2 years of full time study - myriad of therapies to learn and receiving field work at the same time - after you complete studies -... Read more

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I see a lot of people complaining about their program on the web and how the Institute for Integrative Nutrition "lied" about how much money you can make. You can make a good living out of being a health coach depending on how much time and effort you put into it. If you're not making good money, then you're probably not a good health coach or you're not putting in any effort to put yourself out there and get your clients. Everyone's so quick to... Read more

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Institute For Integrative Nutrition - What to know before you consider enrolling - Exploited by IIN, Alumni
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1. "Free" website: They offer a free website where IIN information is at and you can personalize it but can't erase anything from it. Later on they decided to "partner" with a company named LiveEdit Aurora and CHARGE us for the website hosting. They are making money out of it. And the company is expensive. I got my own hosting for less than half of what they wanted to charge. 2. Reviews: They say you can win a 100 Amazon Gift card if you submit... Read more

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I enrolled at IIN excited by the promises and claims made on their website. They have a VERY slick marketing campaign...but that's the only thing IIN does well. If you read the founder, Joshua Rosenthal's book, "Integrative Nutrition," you will have read the ONLY original content in the entire program. EVERYTHING else is information taken from other nutritionists/doctors/experts in the field (that you could easily obtain from their books or... Read more

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